1. Sudden Deafness

    I am a musician. I woke up one day to find my left ear without hearing anything. It took over two weeks to be examined by the ear specialist and the diagnosis was “sudden hearing loss”. I was given a medication. I visited Quli Zhou out of desperation and she started the treatment immediately with acupuncture and herbal medicine, which would not conflict with the other medication. Quli Zhou tre…Read More

    Sudden Deafness
  2. Craig T. Loyal Fan!

    Dear Quli, I wanted to tell you about my experience with your services. I did some shopping around for a qualified acupuncturist, and found your ad in the yellow pages. Being a first time acupuncture patient, I had many questions. You took the time to make me understand how the process works, and answered my questions with compassion and detail. My past history was with my Orthopedic Surgeon, who …Read More

    Craig T. Loyal Fan
  3. Mac S.

    This is really AMAZING!!! I had one Friday night with an improper sleeping gesture. The next day I woke up, I can’t even lift up my shoulder. No words can describe the pain. I took the pain reliever but only got a temporary relief. On Monday, I came to Eternal Health Acupuncture Center. Quli Zhou helped me to treat with acupuncture, hot cover with medicine and heat wave to the hurting spot. Afte…Read More

    Mac S.
  4. Y.C.

    I was told by my family doctor that I had hernia on the lower part of my abdomen. According to the specialist, the only option was surgery. There was no other alternative or medication. However, I decided to try Chinese medicine like acupuncture. After the second visit, I could see the lump at my abdomen appear to be much smaller and it’s improving. I think people should always try other ways be…Read More

  5. A. T.

    I have Crohn’s disease and when it is active, I have strong abdominal pains, difficulty digesting solid food, diarrhea, joint pain, and exhaustion. One of these flare-ups can be triggered by a cold or flu and the cycle can last for months once it starts. In April, I was two weeks into one of these cycles when Quli recommended I try the Bio-Ray light on the colon cycle. During the treatment I cou…Read More

    A. T.
  6. R. L. Saratoga, CA

    Uli Zhou’s acupuncture treatments have greatly improved the range of motion in my arthritic shoulders and arms, reduced swelling in my ankle, and almost eliminated my lower back pain. I was pleased with the progress after only a few sessions and value her medical professionalism. Other health problems like numbness/tightness in my legs have also been reduced in intensity so far.…Read More

    R. L. Saratoga, CA