Acupuncturists use needles, acu-tacks and needle pressure to stimulate the acupuncture points of the body that are thought to rebalance your natural state of health. These points are found along 12 energy meridians mapped out via a system called traditional Chinese medicine. Every meridian controls a particular health function. Studies have shown that acupuncture can also aid in weight loss, for as long as the right acupuncture points are stimulated. Stimulating points on the stomach, spleen and conception vessel meridians can help you lose excess weight. Below is the acupuncture points targeted for weight loss.

Acupuncture Point Stomach 36

Stimulating specific points on the stomach meridian, which controls appetite and digestion, can lead to weight loss. The stomach point 36, otherwise known as leg three miles, is located just on the outside of the shinbone, about 5 inches below your patella. Stimulating this acupuncture point will boost the ability of your body to take in nutrients by accelerating the release of hydrochloric acid. The increase in nutrients will help you feel full and satisfied on less food which leads to weight loss.

Acupuncture Point Spleen 6

According to the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen meridian governs the balance of fluids in the body. If you tend to retain water or always feel bloated, stimulating points along this meridian can help restore your system to proper water balance. The acupuncture point that is spleen 6, otherwise known as three yin crossing, is located on the inside of the lower leg, about 5 inches above the ankle bone. It is the crossing of several meridians, and needling it can release excess water retention which results in weight loss of up to 5 pounds.

Acupuncture Point Spleen 9

The spleen meridian also rules over the transformation of food into energy. When spleen 9 is stimulated, which is known as shady side of mountain, you can be relieved of abdominal bloat, water retention and cramps leading to immediately weight loss. This acupuncture point is located on the inside of the leg, just below the large bulge of the knee.

Acupuncture Point Conception Vessel 12

The conception vessel runs down the center of the front of the body. It is in charge of the energy flow, including the rate of metabolism. It also governs all major changes of your life. Otherwise known as the center of power, conception vessel 12 lies about halfway between your sternum and belly button. Your acupuncturist might need this acupuncture point to help you lose weight by relieving chronic indigestion or constipation. This acupuncture point can also help strengthen your digestive track and calm emotional stresses that leads to digestive upset.

Combine Acupuncture With Healthy Lifestyle

Being overweight or obese is not a simple issue; it is also not easy to fix. Focus on optimal health via proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and applying stress management techniques. Using integrative approaches like acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine just might be that additional resource that you need to improve your weight management regime.