Acupuncture can be very effective in shedding those excess pounds that you gained by overeating. This procedure is an ancient form of treatment where needles are used to stimulate the release of hormones from the endocrine glands. These hormones, called endorphins, are released; you make you feel good once they are released. Acupuncture will help you stop overeating, reduce stress and treat any digestive problems that might have caused your weight gain.

Acupuncture Can Help With Body Weight Issues

It is important for the acupuncturist to look into the state of your overall health before you start the treatment. Many of them will examine the tongue of the patient and check their pulse rate. This, together with your eating habits, can help the acupuncturist determine where to put the needles in the body. Below are the various types of acupuncture that can help you lose weight.

  • Ear — Depending on your physical health and your reasons for losing weight, the acupuncturist will decide what part of the ear will be most effective to help you eat less. Acupuncture can be done in the ear and can cover most parts of the body, but the acupuncturist will only use those points that will help you most. The number of needles to be used will depend on your eating habits, psychological condition and general health.
  • Mouth — If you constantly use your mouth for either talking or eating, there are certain points in your mouth that effectively be used by the acupuncturist to help you control yourself from overeating.
  • Stomach — Signals coming from your stomach will make your realize if you are full or hungry. Many people still continue to eat even when their stomach has signaled that it is full. There are certain points in the stomach that can control such impulsive eating, as well as treat digestive problems that have unknowingly developed in some people.
  • Lungs — Acupuncture can treat the lungs of those people who like overindulging in chocolate and other sweets.
  • Endocrine system — If you are suffering from water retention, an acupuncturist can treat those points corresponding to the endocrine system to balance out the hormones being secreted by your body.
  • Ovaries — Women suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome or menopause symptoms can be treated by focusing on the ovary spot. Doing so will resolve any weight gain issues along with the condition that you are suffering from.
  • Kidney — Individuals suffering from water retention, hormonal imbalances, or any other stress or anxiety issues can have their kidney point treated by acupuncture to effectively help you lose weight.
  • Thyroid — People suffering from hypothyroidism tend to gain weight. In order to control of effects of this condition along with the weight gain, the thyroid acupuncture point is targeted.

Go For Acupuncture To Control Your Weight Problems

Along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, acupuncture can help you control overeating and lose weight. It can also help improve your overall health by treating any hormonal imbalances or digestive problems that might have been causing your increase in weight.