We have been in practice for more than 27 years, specializing in corrective care. Our master healer and professor of Chinese medicine is also our head acupuncturist and has been treating patients since 1994 in China, Switzerland, and America.

Voted Acupuncturist of the Year From Consumer’s Reports

We combine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the latest in cutting-edge technology including Laser-point Beam Ray Light & Sound Therapy to detoxify the body, boost immune function, and help the body fight disease and stay healthy.

Our state-of-the-art healing facility for optimal recovery and healing, our passionate and professional team, and our warm staff all work together to help you attain maximum healing.

We treat multiple areas simultaneously to ensure fast results and stable progress. Furthermore, we measure both before and after with the latest technology — the AcuGraph — in order to accurately assess your progress.

We have successfully treated more than 10,000 patients in the past 27 years with impressive results.

We begin with a comprehensive in-depth consultation to gather your health information, including a deep assessment of health history. We provide a complete explanation of what we plan to do and our approach to assisting you in your recovery. Additionally, we also offer free educational workshops each month to teach proper home care so that you can speed your up your healing.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best care available. Schedule your appointment today.