Migraine Headaches

I first visited Quli Zhou in June 2002. I came to her seeking help for migraine headaches. I had been plagued with migraine headaches for seven years. The headaches were increasing in frequency and severity. They could last from one to three days. I had vomited for twelve hours with the last headache. I would shake, have temperature changes from hot to cold, fatigue, and weakness. When I came to Quli Zhou the migraines were occurring every two weeks. They were becoming so painful that I would soon need to go to the hospital emergency room for help with the pain. One Saturday in June 2002 another headache began and I was actually afraid I wouldn’t be able to bear it. I looked in the telephone book for acupuncture services. I was desperate for help and I knew that all an emergency room would do was give me a pain medication. I wanted a way out of this chronic pattern of migraines and missed work. I found Quli Zhou’s advertisement and I called. She was in the office and said that I could come in immediately. When I arrived she explained that the treatment would target my liver and went to work. That first treatment helped make the pain manageable and I did not vomit. Quli Zhou was very kind and tried very sincerely to help me. I was surprised on Sunday that I felt so much better and that I didn’t have the “cooked lettuce” fatigue that would usually follow a migraine. I wanted very much to have my life back and so I’ve continued to see Quli Zhou. I’ve been greatly helped by her treatments. I rarely have a headache now. I have stopped using the two daily applications of Flonase and three daily Allegra tablets. Gradually my energy and stamina have increased to about 50% more than I had in June 2002. I particularly appreciate Quli Zhou’s wisdom, expertise, and patience as she helped me. I’ve learned that my body needs time to restore and she was willing to persist until we reached the goal.

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